Take a sec..


Yea I know those all HAVE to get done…..
But take a sec today and BREaTHE!!
Take a moment for yourself…
Hug someone or several someones!!!
Shoot if you can snuggle DO IT!
Our time here on earth is short….
Love with all you have don’t do it halfway!


These are my boys!! How can you not love that!!!

Much love to you all

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10 Day Challenge…..Day10…..Future

I know that our 10 day challenge didn’t end as I had hoped or even thought but I am bringing it to a close today!

TYMTJ Day 10

We will finish up by looking forward.

Press into praying for your man’s future; everything God has in store after this very minute. So many things that will happen for you and your man will be far greater than you can currently conjure up. We serve a God that does not have his hands tied. He is mighty!

Our Focus:

  • Protect him.
  • Bless his health.
  • Guard his mind.
  • Hold fast to his heart.
  • Go before him.
  • Be his counselor, his confidante, his help and his refuge.
  • Surround him with people who will speak life into him.
  • Be his shield and his firm foundation.
  • LIght his way and give him hope.


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10 Day Challenge……Day 9…..Jesus Time


Anyone still trucking with me? When you pray for ten days, it seems a small feat.  Yet, when you put ten days of hard-core praying to the test, it doesn’t seem so small does it? I am confident that our dudes will reap from our diligent, loving efforts.

Spending time with the Lord. A statement, a question, a request….

Whether or not you know that your husband spends daily, quality time with the Lord or not, let’s seek this for him.

As we go through our day today, let us really just press into this topic for our man.  Pray for your future husband, that God would do these things in his heart this very day and that God would develop discipline in him now, rather than later. May we all step closer to the Lord as we take this cry of our heart to Him.

Our Focus:

  • Draw him into an intimate time of worship.
  • Call him away to a quiet place.
  • Drown out life.
  • Speak with clarity.
  • Reveal yourself.
  • Love him.
  • Give life to Your Word.
  • Pour out revelation.
  • Grant him accountability in his journey of following Christ.
  • Shape him into a man of integrity, character and self-discipline.
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10 Day Challenge….Day 8….The Past

Hello! I hope you missed me! I have missed you guys! I hope everyone is safe after those storms that hit us Monday morning…. Today’s post is in regards to something we all have… A Past… the things that have happened in our past have helped mold and shape us into who we are today… Enjoy…


Long before you knew your man and even early on in your relationship, there were many events and much life that took place. Just as our past has much responsibility for determining who we are on this day,so does our man’s.

Let’s pray for our guys life, before today. We want life before today to be an encouragement for his present and his future. Though we cannot change the past, we can learn from it, grow through it and become mature because of it.  When our man may not think to pray for his past, let us take that responsibility on ourselves. As we pray for his past, let us ask Jesus to reconcile it.  May we also thank the Lord for developing him into the man he is today.

Our Focus:

  • Seek forgiveness for yourself if there are any areas in his past that you have yet to forgive or have developed bitter roots.
  • Ask that he would have full forgiveness of himself for who he used to be.
  • Allow his past to be used to encourage him in his future.
  • May he learn from past triumphs, successes, failures and sins.
  • Pray that his past is not where his thoughts dwell.
  • Give him eyes to see that God is doing a new thing.

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10 Day Challenge….Day 7…. His Family


I really think it would be meaningful to spend one day focused on your husband’s family. If you are married, this is now your family as well, but these are the people that knew him and loved him long before you did.

I realize that families can be a very “sticky” situation in some cases.  I ask you to put opinions, disagreements and past hurts aside today.  No matter the family circumstance, the Lord used family blessings and trials in your man’s life to develop him into the guy you are so crazy about. As easy or difficult as it may be, spend today focused on your man’s family, taking them before the Lord.

Our Focus:

  • Thank Jesus for a family that brought such a wonderful man into the world.
  • Pray for mended family relationships (if needed)
  • Petition that Jesus would make Himself real and known to his family: call each person out by name.
  • Ask for protection to surround his family members.
  • Pray for the health of his family members.
  • Give wisdom to family members.
  • Pray that your husband would be quick to honor his family.
  • Seek out wisdom so that both you, and you man may know and agree on what family legacies to pass along and what God desires to break and rebuild in your family.
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10 Day Challenge…. Day 6…. Friendship

Holly Schmoolly! As I was reading over this post prior to typing it I felt like the writer had literally gone into my heart and brain and spilled it all in writing!!! Hold on tight and lets finish strong my friends!!


We have completed half of our 10-day, focused prayer time for your man.  I just want to encourage you to stay strong in your commitment.  I am great at starting tasks, but stink at finishing strong.  I do not want this to happen to me, nor you.  Really commit to disciplining yourself over the next few days to finish strong in your prayer journey.

Friendship. A word my man knows so, so well.  I am ashamed to admit, but I am not always gun hoe when Brad wants to spend time with friends.  I have been known to feel that they are competing for my quality time.  I rarely take the time to acknowledge how beneficial Brad’s quality friend time can be, nor do I give thanks for the great friends that my husband has.

Maybe some of you are on the opposite end of the spectrum, you desire for your husband to develop more friendships.  If so, spend today requesting this from the Lord.

If your husband has many friends or few, let us be thankful for all of the men in his life whom he can be “real” around. Be thankful if he returns home refreshed and a better husband and father after being around his friends.

Our Focus

  • Give him wisdom in choosing men worthy of honest friendship.
  • Thank Jesus for the friends that he has been given.
  • Be specific, thank Jesus for each friend that comes to mind. Call them out by name.
  • Ask that he would be vulnerable with his friends.
  • Pray that the vulnerability would grow to true accountability.
  • Develop him into an authentic, giving, approachable friend.
  • Increase integrity in friendships, making him worthy of great friends, in return.
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10 Day Challenge…..Day 5….Daddy

I love today’s post. I do. I love to watch my husband with my baby boy! It’s special, very special. I know that some of you who may read this aren’t married yet, or are married but do not have children yet. Please don’t let that stop you, like I said a few post ago invest in your future. Pray for your man & for your future family!!!


If your man is already a daddy, this is a prayer that is probably constantly on your heart.  I know that it is for me.  If you do not yet have children, this is the perfect time to start praying for them, by praying for their daddy.

I love my husband ten-fold after watching him become a daddy. Amen?

Our Focus:

  • Teach him to train his children up in godliness,
  • May his time with his children be increased.
  • Grant him wisdom, patience and endless love.
  • Grow his children up to always bring joy to their daddy.
  • Prepare him to use “life” as a teacher for his children.
  • Inspire him through his offspring.
  • May he always see the wonders of the Lord in his children.
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